Fearful times or an opportunity to evolve?


We live in tumultuous times

Politically, socially, environmentally and sometimes it seems that the pressure to thrive, let alone survive, is very hard. In this age of digital connection and distraction where the global surge in impatience and idleness is catered for 24/7 we desperately need an antidote which is simple, easy and natural.

With over-active minds and a dose of anxiety and stress it it no surprise to learn that the World Health Organisation (WHO) states that over 40% of the planet’s population is suffering from fatigue. We are quite simply not getting enough sleep, which for the past 150 years has been compromised by electric light, together with  the poor processing of increasing levels of stress and anxiety.

Many people have found meditation to be the answer to getting nourishing sleep and reducing stress and anxiety.

By taking just twenty minutes to shut ourselves off from the world, which can wait for our attention, we have the opportunity of washing out all the debris and fluff we accumulate on a daily basis. Long held fatigue and stress is naturally released as the body rests deeply and the mind de-excites. This moment of deep purification flows us to process stress which we are unable to deal with at any other time. We are not good at dealing with stress - the evidence is clear on the streets, in offices and public transport. People reach a tipping point and everything then cascades out of control. It’s far better, and less messy to deal with this in the safe environment of our meditation when it is gently released in a natural and effortless way.

With uncertainty, fear and speculation rife over what the upcoming months will produce many people are looking for something which is stable reliable and honest. That can be found through meditation, which is the gateway to the heart where we connect with our real selves. To do this takes a certain amount of courage, but in the hands of an experienced and compassionate teacher the student realises that it is so much easier to flourish in a state of knowingness and honesty rather than a state of deception and falsehood. 

It is unsustainable to continue living in fear. Within a very short time meditation allows us to flourish and evolve, as nature intends us to do.

As an Indian friend said : ’If your life is in pieces how can you be in peace?’.

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Anthony Thompson