Work is no longer a place you go to, it’s a thing you do


How often have you felt during your working day that you are on a never ending carousel?

With little time to pause and reflect, constantly rushing to fulfil demands and targets and feeling you are never giving your best?

I frequently hear stories of people not taking their holidays because when they do the first couple of days are spent exhausted and possibly shaking off illness which has appeared now that they are beginning to relax, and then the last two or three days are spent fretting about returning to work and speculating as to whether your replacement is better than you. Feeling good for only the middle part of the holiday it’s no surprise people choose to stay at home, save funds and feel more secure.

To break this unsustainable and destructive cycle we need to step back and take a moment to reflect realistically. Learning to meditate allows us to take a daily opportunity to disengage from all the demands constantly harassing us and take a moment to ‘move the gear lever into neutral’ and stop micromanaging our lives in the expectation that we can determine the outcome.

Like many things in life just thinking about it isn’t going to make it happen - by taking the first step you build up momentum.

Once this is happening everything become effortless, especially when we know why we are doing it. Having clear purpose is the driving force which makes taking the first step easy. You may well have thought about some New Year intentions which like so many before them have melted away, but once you have an intention why not make it happen today, right now. 

Meditation clears the mind removing all the fluff and obstructions which prevent clarity, allowing us to hold thoughts which sometimes can be numerous and seemingly complicated but soon nuances, subtleties and connections which had not been there previously become clear.

When under stress we are unable to be quick and accurate - it’s one or the other. Research has shown that meditators can do both which means that in a work environment better results are achieved and there is greater creativity and discernment.

Instead of turning up for work in a semi automatic and disconnected state, hating everything going on around you, why not take back control and work on your own terms, ensuring you get the work-life balance correct and maintain good mental health.

Vedic Meditation allows you to take the first step, build up and then maintain momentum.

Why wait?

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Anthony Thompson