Happiness and fulfilment


With the beginning of the year now behind us many people will be struggling to implement their intentions to change or add something to their lives, to improve and find happiness.

This desire for change often wears the shroud of control.

‘If I do this… then that will happen’.

‘If I join a gym I will get fitter and lose weight’.

‘When I go to work earlier I can get more done and get a raise or promotion’.

‘If I make more social posts people will notice me and I will be more likely to find a new partner’

Most people’s idea of happiness is often based on the unrealistic assumption that if ‘I can control everything all will be well’. This is unsustainable. It is illusionary and unrealistic and happiness always disappears once something better is discovered. The evidence is in the daily torrent we are subjected to of mass consumerism, selfishness, and thoughtlessness. We need to look at ways of shifting awareness, breaking the unsustainable habit of getting happiness from ‘out there’ and not from within. Our own happiness is not dependent on anyone or anything and we have to work at finding unconditional happiness which is entirely of our own making.


We learn at great cost that fulfilment is not the product of achieving.

If we take time to go to the silent place where thoughts come from, going to the deep silent space, to the place  where thoughts arise, the origin of thought, and then use a technique, meditation, to go beyond that we reach a place of deep inner contentment. When we connect with our inner self, when we have a direct experience of something deep inside, we experience supreme inner fulfilment. If we apply the technique of meditation on a daily basis we train the brain to achieve a baseline of happiness, breaking the unhappiness habit.

Meditation turns around the notion that happiness is something we import.

We so often often mistakenly believe that by engaging thinking, action and achievement we can attain fulfilment. When we meditate we learn that we just have to do the opposite - we export happiness and the light from that illuminates everything and everyone around us.

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Anthony Thompson