How Meditation Helps You Discover Who You Really Are

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In this run-up to the holiday season it is so easy to get caught up in a whirl of exhausting activity. Almost in spite of our best intentions, we find ourselves under pressure: managing expectations around meals, hospitality, gifts, and getting together with family and friends.

There is often a self-imposed expectation, as well as an unpleasant commercial pressure, to be a certain way, to find the “best” or “ideal” way to decorate the festive table, to pick the perfect gifts, to wrap our gifts beautifully, or to participate in our traditional family way of celebrating. All these things can pile on stress and pressure, making us feel anxious or inadequate.

At this time of year, many people take a step back to reflect on how the past twelve months have gone and what resolutions are planned for the coming new year. As meditators we do this too, however throughout the year, through our twice-daily meditations, we equip ourselves with an ongoing, increasingly refined sense of judgement and clearer thinking.

All of us, whether meditators or not, are constantly changing. Nature does not stand still, it is always at some stage of the cycle of creation, maintenance, and destruction. We allow Nature to do its thing whilst we meditate, surrendering to whatever may come about whilst we close our eyes for twenty minutes, letting our body rest deeply, and our mind settle.

As both newly acquired and old stress is released through meditation, so we become more at ease with ourselves. Over time there is very little past stress to be processed, so that we eventually arrive at the point where the only stresses we are dealing with are the ones we come across in our day.

This leads us to the point where there is some deep and fundamental refinement taking place, there is re-calibration, and a new view and perspective emerges. Our eyes-open state is what is important, not the content of our mediation. Everything is viewed more clearly, with greater appreciation of the nuances and subtleties of what it is that we are considering or seeing.

With this comes a greater reliance on the self, a greater trust that our reactions are true. The ego and intellect are put to one side, allowing instinct and intuition to take precedence. Over time experience shows us that these elemental characteristics of our meditation are what we can always rely on, that these are the constants we always have with us, which allow us to live our lives fully with ease and contentedness.

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Anthony Thompson