Coming to Your Senses: What Meditation Does For You

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There are many wonderful benefits that come from having a regular meditation practice.

In the early days, many new meditators experience an immediate release of stress and anxiety together with better sleep and increased energy. This persists through our meditation journey, and as time goes by what was noteworthy at first becomes the norm. As a meditation teacher, I am constantly reminded by students of this set of life-enhancing benefits.

Processing and fine-tuning

Over time a great deal of refinement and internal processing takes place in both the mind and body, overtly and subtly, on the macro and micro level. This processing and purification fine-tunes our senses so that we begin to edit and modify our input and output, ensuring that we talk kindly to ourselves as well as to others and act accordingly.

Fear of missing out, status anxiety, and unrealistic expectations create an ever-tightening net of stress. As we learn to trust and depend on our intuition, these fall away.

Over time, with regular meditation practice, the mind no longer concerns itself with worries, fears, and anxieties from the past or those in the future. Blame, shame, regrets, replayed conversations, thoughts, and events lose their hold and their appeal. There are many people who take comfort in repeatedly going over the same cycle, making it define their daily existence and character, but meditation helps us break away from this destructive, habitual thought-cycle.

Finding a new norm

Through meditation, coming to your senses becomes the norm, a way of life, a way of being in the world that gives you access to your intuition, creativity, clarity, and humour. The real you is revealed as all the superficialities and pretence in your life dissolves. This fundamental honesty with yourself and those around you, the ability to trust your intuition, and allowing yourself permission to lay aside your intellect and ego leads to a deeper level of contentment and peace.

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