Christmas crazy and New Year new you


As I write this a couple of days before the darkest day of the year, Friday 21 December, sometimes known as the winter solstice or midwinter, I am increasingly aware of a deep feeling of helplessness and vulnerability around me.

The past month has been one of tumultuous political uncertainty, with astonishing displays of disingenuous behaviour from politicians, commentators and the media and the months ahead are uncertain, with the very real prospect that the country becomes ungovernable because of the political impasse over Brexit.

Many people have become understandably alarmed at the prospect that they will have to leave the UK, abandoning jobs, homes and friends. The headlines make it very difficult to square the season of goodwill with the shenanigans of those we have appointed to govern us. At times like this many people are looking for something to act as a counterbalance, something which can off-set the ever changing ‘weight’ on the other side, which is not helped by a wobbly fulcrum.

With so much change going on around us, which we cannot control or even directly influence many people feel helpless and disenfranchised, but meditation is the answer to reduce much of the stress and anxiety so many are experiencing now. Many people spend huge amounts of time, money and energy micro-managing their lives, both personal and professional, in the hope that they can determine the outcome.

This grip on their lives comes at great cost because when things don’t turn out as expected, which is often the case, there is a spike in stress and anxiety. The detrimental effect of living in a state of high anxiety is well known, but add in poor sleep and a stretched lifestyle and the results don’t look good, with both mental and physical health severely compromised.

The mass of apps that now allow us to order almost anything we want feeds a global surge in impatience and idleness, which with daily use of social media, further disconnects us from the real world.

Vedic Meditation was designed to be used by people like you and I - people who have jobs, families and friends and get out there and connect with the world. 

If you are feeling that now is the time to make a positive step change and take back control of your life and get your work-life balance sorted then coming to a free Introductory Talk on meditation is the best first step you can make.

Anthony Thompson