Ground Control to Major Tom : ‘It’s ok to give yourself permission to meditate’


Why wait for the New Year to make intentions? If you have the feeling that you want to make some changes why wait till then? Surf the momentum that’s there right now and go for it.

Missed intentions can make you feel worse than before when you don’t manage to put them into effect. There is a great sense of unease when the wish for change doesn’t come about and this is usually because they are either unrealistic or unsupported. 

I have had an off/on relationship with coffee over the years and have found if I say to myself that the coffee I have just consumed and not the next one is going to be the last, the reframing of the issue makes the chances of a positive result highly likely.

We can make intentions at any time of the year but if we don’t put our attention on it, it is never going to happen. Wishful thinking, like speculation, always and only leads to suffering so what we have to do is find a way of applying our attention to our intention. Meditation is a technique I have used for many decades and found to be a highly effective way of setting goals and achieving them.

So often there is a sense of unease about taking time out to do something for ourselves, that it is selfish. We feel that the time and money we spend could be put to better use, that it could directly benefit others. I would argue that to learn to meditate, which is fun, easy and simple, gives you the ability to direct more energy to areas of your life which require your input and attention. You begin to think more clearly and hold multiple and sometimes quite complex thoughts simultaneously.

By taking time out to look after yourself you are investing in your ability to help others. Relationships improve so that there is less friction, more adaptability and understanding.

You get to spend time with yourself - truly with yourself, without distractions or interruptions. When your eyes are closed for twenty minutes you are giving yourself permission to let whatever wants to arise come about. We have no agenda or intentions - we just want our mind to do whatever it wants to do and thoughts are perfectly ok, because that is what our mind wants to do naturally - think thoughts. We don’t want to use any effort in our meditation - that’s for when we have our eye open.

The compound effect of daily meditations are numerous, and above all else we learn to like ourselves, to trust who we really are, and be ok with that. We give ourselves the opportunity to connect with our inner private self, to take the time to look into our heart with compassion and forgiveness and do so fearlessly because that is where the ultimate truth lies. We are very good as human beings at developing and then maintaining a carapace, a shell which we want to present to the world. We are clever, funny, successful …maybe that’s true, but do we want to continue to live a lie if it’s not?

The New Year is a great opportunity to take stock and make a sincere decision about what needs to change. Meditation can facilitate that process.

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Anthony Thompson