My First Three Months of Meditation

Sophie Turton

By Sophie Turton

I’ve always had myself down as a person whose mind is far too busy to meditate. Wouldn’t my brain throw up a cacophony of random thoughts? Wouldn’t I get bored?

Vedic meditation is made for someone like me. It fits around my busy life as a business owner. I can do my afternoon meditation on the train on the way to client meetings, in the office, or at home. It doesn’t matter if my brain fires at me – I’m able to acknowledge the thoughts, appreciate them for what they are, and then let them go. Having a personalised mantra pulls me back into the meditation and I continue.

I’m amazed by the changes meditation has brought to my quality of life and clarity of mind. Here are just a few ways meditating twice a day for three months has impacted me:

Reduced anxiety

I’ve suffered with anxiety my whole life. It’s been a constant niggle that at times becomes a sort of white noise, turning up the volume of fearful thoughts and self-doubt. Since I started meditating, the instances where anxiety takes hold have significantly reduced. I’m able to breathe and step outside of the panic, acknowledging it for what it is and not allowing it to consume me.

Heightened awareness

I started to notice more clarity in colours. It was almost as though the world suddenly switched into high definition and I could appreciate beauty in the mundane in a way I never had before. I’ve also become more aware of my emotional connections to others, and how my behaviour impacts those around me. I’ve started doing nice things for people more regularly, just because.


The joy in my life has increased substantially over the past three months. While this is for a variety of reasons, I’m sure my regular meditation has had an impact. I regularly find myself smiling at strangers, looking around instead of at my phone screen, and chatting away to shop owners. I want to connect with as many people as possible. It’s in these connections that joy truly lies.

Energy level

I’ve always had a lot of energy, now it’s reaching obnoxious levels. There have been a few instances where I haven’t had quite enough sleep over the past few months and my morning meditation has topped me up nicely. I’ve got into quite a fabulous morning routine, which involves peppermint essential oil, Vedic meditation, and my day’s affirmations. I hardly know myself!

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