Special Courses

Once you’ve harnessed the life-changing power of Vedic Meditation, there are many ways for you to stay connected, expand your knowledge and deepen your practice with us.


Refresher Sessions

With all the challenges and commitments of modern life it is not uncommon for some people to lapse in their practice. Refresher sessions, either group or one-to-one, are tailored to your needs and provide solutions that will get your meditation back on track.

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Private Mentoring

If you’re going through a difficult time or experiencing some personal challenges that you would rather not share in a group setting, a private mentoring session can be arranged to suit your needs. Working together, we can find the best way to get you back on track.

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Advanced Techniques

If you’re an experienced meditator and would like to take your meditation to the next level, specialist techniques can be learned to enhance and refine your regular meditation, resulting in a richer and deeper experience.

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Meditation Workshops

We are currently working on a varied and exciting programme of meditation workshops (including Rounding) aimed at helping existing meditators to refine and deepen their practice and speed up the benefits.

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